Supplemental Resources

In my writing, discussions and lectures, I often refer to external resources--videos, puzzles, cartoons and the like--which help to illustrate certain points.  You'll find several of such resources here.


Lorelei Ambrosia (from Superman III)

In this clip from Superman III, we catch a glimpse of the brains inside of the villain's beautiful girlfriend, much as she'd like to hide them.  Lorelei Ambrosia's objection to Kant is rather astute.


The Babysitter Cartoon

Danny Shanahan Babysitter

The New Yorker's famous cartoonist, Danny Shanahan, created this sketch, which captures both interesting components of the phenomenology of joke-getting, as well as the vast amounts of knowledge that must be available to a person if he is able to "get" a joke.  See my work on morphological content.